Amazing Shell Stitch Blankets – Free Crochet Pattern


When you are walking around your town, have you seen some very delicate blankets made with crochet stitches in the center of town? It is very likely that at some point you have come across such richness in detail that it is impossible not to appreciate it. Besides being very warm, crocheted blankets can be used to decorate the environment.

Whether to put exposed on top of the sofa as a decorative cover and use in many ways because it is very rich in versatility, unique finishing piece, made with a wealth of details is to leave anyone in love.

Another important thing to mention is that crochet blankets can be sold at a very fair price for the work vs material, the nice thing is to have at least 4 pieces to start with and then you can double your manufacturing by order.

In this case, you will only make what is requested and then you can dedicate the production of other pieces to your studio.
The material will depend a lot on the thread and needle you will use, after you buy your crocheting kit, the only thing you will need to worry about having always are the threads and the items used for finishing. Nowadays anyone can have a crocheted blanket at home.

The material will depend a lot on the thread and needle you are going to use, once you have bought your crochet kit, the only thing you will need to worry about having always are the threads and the items used for finishing.

Nowadays anyone can have a crocheted blanket at home

It is an excellent option to give as a gift to moms who are waiting for the arrival of their little ones, crochet is present everywhere and is a beautiful art.

I’m a suspect to speak, because in fact I am passionate about the technique and together with you our portal brings another amazing step by step tutorial on how to make this piece rich in details that will leave you in love.

Easy, versatile, simple and very inexpensive crocheted blankets come out a lot and you can take advantage today to start yours and give it to someone you love so much.

From small to large blanket what changes is the quality of thread chosen that for children, especially the newborn is a specific line to sensitive skin and in the case of blankets for adults the stitch is the same what will change is the quality of thread.

Here on our site we daily give you an incredible tip with step by step instructions for beginners, so don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert in crochet to make this piece.

With the step by step instructions available you will be able to make it without any problems. The cool thing is that after the first piece you will not want to know anything else, you will dive into this world and make several and several others.

Crochet is an art that must be done with passion, since each piece that we make transforms line into art, the cool thing is that we can play with colors, just choose the line you prefer and start producing, in a few hours you already start to see the format and fall in love with all those details that are made up.

Today the blanket that we will teach you is very versatile and its size can be readjusted to shape a very soft, delicate and comfortable blanket. It is the most amazing thing made by hand with care, affection, and creativity.

The art of crochet is a really passionate world, you will enjoy in our site other models as beautiful as this one and I’m sure that in a few days you will be ready.

The only thing you need is to put your hand to the work and practice, because it will be the step by step of each piece that will lead you to perfection, all credit of both the tutorial and the images is destined to the official website that you can check today. check out the following tutorial by Ravelry

Figura 3 - © SugarPurlYarns/ Crochet
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  1. […] I started to create a series of new pieces from the stitches that I have been learning in the tutorials, in the beginning it is really hard because we don’t know the right way to hold the needle, handle the thread and even manipulate our arms. With time these skills emerge and you can be sure that if I can do it, you will too, and soon you will write to us telling us how you succeeded. […]


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