Petal Stitch – Crochet Blanket Pattern


Hi sweeties! It’s good to have you here with me. Making crafts is a realization for me. In addition to being my hobby, it is also therapy and brought me this community that is so dear, a real support. I hope you feel that way too. Taking advantage of the end of the year, shall we continue crocheting? Petal Stitch is another crochet model that you can use in new pieces.

A super delicate stitch, with details that make a very elegant blanket. In the photos you see what a beautiful thing, a delicate blanket that can be made for babies that are coming, it will be beautiful. The interesting thing about the crochet baby blanket is also the fact that it is a model that helps the child sleep, since its fabric is usually very soft and comfortable.

The crochet blanket is one of the most popular and easy to find items in every home. This is true for a number of reasons, mainly because this is a cheap product, and it is even possible to make it at home with the help of some tools. And also very versatile, with several uses, in addition to models available in specialized stores. A crochet blanket is warm and comfortable for your bed or sofa. 

They can also be used as a cover for strollers or strollers, toys, chairs and anything else you can think of. You can customize each crochet blanket by selecting the colors, types and amounts of yarn you use. You can also adjust the size by changing the number of rows you crochet before joining the final rows of your blanket frame with an edging border. 

Crochet blankets make ideal gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion you want to give someone something nice. What is perfect on this occasion, at the end of the year we always want to give gifts to special people and nothing better than presenting them with an item that you made, dedicated a lot of time and affection. 

Crochet blankets are an excellent choice of material for many applications in today’s society. They are quick and easy to make and work perfectly in both practical and decorative environments. How about starting this blanket today? 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Daisy Farm Crafts

The pattern is available from Daisy Farm Crafts. First read the pattern, then choose the materials and then it’s time to crochet the petal stitch. If there’s any doubt, come talk to us here in the comments.

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