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Hey loves! End of the year is coming and I want to know how are the preparations at your house? I get very anxious, for me it is the most important date of the year. We always set a certain expectation that serves as an incentive to make an even more incredible year. It was with one of these promises that I started crocheting. And today I want to share Charlotte’s Dream Blanket with you.

A delicate model, colorful and made in stages. So if you don’t have a lot of time, you can only spare a few minutes, you can complete one block a day. So you don’t get lost in the stitches of each round. In the beginning, these models were the ones that I liked the most and that encouraged me the most to keep practicing.

Crochet blankets are classic pieces, I’m sure you’ve heard of or had a piece like this. It is often our first contact with the technique. Because it is an older handicraft, many people learned to do it with older generations, with their grandmothers and mothers. They are extremely comfortable pieces and, depending on the chosen yarn, they can be very warm too.

Crocheting is a very versatile technique. It allows us to make decorative items, clothing, accessories, rugs, pillows and everything else your imagination allows. At first you may feel a little more blocked, even without creativity. But as we see new patterns, new stitches and color combinations, you’ll see how it gets easier and more and more fun.

Returning to Charlotte’s Dream, as it is a blanket made in blocks, it is easy to increase or decrease the size to make it the measurements you need. I always advise changing the number of blocks and not changing the number of stitches in each one. This second method is much more work and the result may not be perfect.

When we talk about crochet, the necessary materials are basic. The main ones are yarn and crochet hook, the second being dependent on the first. Choose quality materials that highlight all your dedication, the care you put into this blanket. See if the yarn is soft to the touch, if not rough. If the material is not of good quality, there is no practice, stitch or craftsman that can make the blanket comfortable.

Ready to get started? Check out the pattern available at Look at What I Made. All rounds are described in detail and are easy to follow. If, after reading the pattern, any doubts remain, we are here to help and assist you. Come chat with us, let’s crochet!

Image/ Pattern / Tutorial: Look at What I Made

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