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Petal Stitch – Crochet Blanket Pattern


Hi sweeties! It’s good to have you here with me. Making crafts is a realization for me. In addition to being my hobby, it is also therapy and brought me this community that is so dear, a real support. I hope you feel that way too. Taking advantage of the end of the year, shall we continue crocheting? Petal Stitch is another crochet model that you can use in new pieces.

A super delicate stitch, with details that make a very elegant blanket. In the photos you see what a beautiful thing, a delicate blanket that can be made for babies that are coming, it will be beautiful. The interesting thing about the crochet baby blanket is also the fact that it is a model that helps the child sleep, since its fabric is usually very soft and comfortable.

The crochet blanket is one of the most popular and easy to find items in every home. This is true for a number of reasons, mainly because this is a cheap product, and it is even possible to make it at home with the help of some tools. And also very versatile, with several uses, in addition to models available in specialized stores. A crochet blanket is warm and comfortable for your bed or sofa. 

They can also be used as a cover for strollers or strollers, toys, chairs and anything else you can think of. You can customize each crochet blanket by selecting the colors, types and amounts of yarn you use. You can also adjust the size by changing the number of rows you crochet before joining the final rows of your blanket frame with an edging border. 

Crochet blankets make ideal gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion you want to give someone something nice. What is perfect on this occasion, at the end of the year we always want to give gifts to special people and nothing better than presenting them with an item that you made, dedicated a lot of time and affection. 

Crochet blankets are an excellent choice of material for many applications in today’s society. They are quick and easy to make and work perfectly in both practical and decorative environments. How about starting this blanket today? 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Daisy Farm Crafts

The pattern is available from Daisy Farm Crafts. First read the pattern, then choose the materials and then it’s time to crochet the petal stitch. If there’s any doubt, come talk to us here in the comments.

Crochet Sunflower Coaster


Crochet coasters are a practical and stylish way to protect surfaces in your home or office from stains. What’s more, the coasters can also serve as a lovely decoration for your space.

If you are looking for a charming model with personality, crochet sunflower coasters are a great option.Sunflowers are flowers known to represent happiness, vitality and energy.

In addition, they are associated with the sun and light, making them a perfect symbol to brighten up your moments with a drink. The crochet sunflower coasters are handcrafted with high quality yarn, and can be found in a variety of colors and sizes.



The advantage of purchasing crochet coasters is that they are durable and easy to clean. Unlike paper or plastic coasters, which need to be replaced frequently, crochet coasters can be used for a long time as long as they are washed and dried properly. In addition, the crochet coasters are sustainable and machine washable.

Crochet coasters can also be used in different places, such as dining tables, coffee tables, offices, bedrooms and living rooms. They are versatile and adaptable to different environments. Therefore, they can be used to decorate events such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

For those who appreciate craft work, crochet sunflower coasters are an excellent option. They are made by skilled craftsmen, who dedicate hours to create unique and charming pieces. In addition, each model is made with care and dedication, which makes the product even more special.

Another advantage of crochet coasters is that they are light and easy to carry. You can take them anywhere from a vacation trip to a picnic in the park. They are perfect for those who like practicality and want to protect surfaces in an elegant and creative way.

Crochet coasters are also a great gift option for friends and family. They are affordable and can be customized to each person’s preferences. In addition, by giving a crochet coaster as a gift, you are encouraging conscious consumption and valuing manual work.

Finally, crochet sunflower coasters are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of personality and warmth to their home or office. They are affordable, practical, durable, and stylish, making them a great home decor option. Invest in a sunflower crochet coaster and bring the joy and energy of the flower to your everyday life.

Learn pattern for free: Crochet Sunflower Coaster

Charlotte’s Dream Blanket – Free Pattern


Hey loves! End of the year is coming and I want to know how are the preparations at your house? I get very anxious, for me it is the most important date of the year. We always set a certain expectation that serves as an incentive to make an even more incredible year. It was with one of these promises that I started crocheting. And today I want to share Charlotte’s Dream Blanket with you.

A delicate model, colorful and made in stages. So if you don’t have a lot of time, you can only spare a few minutes, you can complete one block a day. So you don’t get lost in the stitches of each round. In the beginning, these models were the ones that I liked the most and that encouraged me the most to keep practicing.

Crochet blankets are classic pieces, I’m sure you’ve heard of or had a piece like this. It is often our first contact with the technique. Because it is an older handicraft, many people learned to do it with older generations, with their grandmothers and mothers. They are extremely comfortable pieces and, depending on the chosen yarn, they can be very warm too.

Crocheting is a very versatile technique. It allows us to make decorative items, clothing, accessories, rugs, pillows and everything else your imagination allows. At first you may feel a little more blocked, even without creativity. But as we see new patterns, new stitches and color combinations, you’ll see how it gets easier and more and more fun.

Returning to Charlotte’s Dream, as it is a blanket made in blocks, it is easy to increase or decrease the size to make it the measurements you need. I always advise changing the number of blocks and not changing the number of stitches in each one. This second method is much more work and the result may not be perfect.

When we talk about crochet, the necessary materials are basic. The main ones are yarn and crochet hook, the second being dependent on the first. Choose quality materials that highlight all your dedication, the care you put into this blanket. See if the yarn is soft to the touch, if not rough. If the material is not of good quality, there is no practice, stitch or craftsman that can make the blanket comfortable.

Ready to get started? Check out the pattern available at Look at What I Made. All rounds are described in detail and are easy to follow. If, after reading the pattern, any doubts remain, we are here to help and assist you. Come chat with us, let’s crochet!

Image/ Pattern / Tutorial: Look at What I Made

Snowman Kitchen Towel – A Beautiful Christmas Pattern


Hello! How is everything there? I hope to find everyone well, full of health and with great joy to finish another year here together with us. Yes, it’s less than a week before Christmas. This week is the time to finish the last decorating touches, but there’s still time to crochet a beautiful piece for your kitchen. Stay here with me to learn the Snowman Kitchen Towel. Come and see what an amazing pattern, simple but very delicate.

Not to mention that the snowman is super friendly, makes the environment even more charming. We often leave the decoration of this room aside. It is very common to decorate the living room, the bedroom, the dining table, but the kitchen decoration can go unnoticed. Not with crochet, this technique is so incredible that it allows us to make versatile items, which serve both for decoration and for everyday use. Christmas crochet is a sensation that can make the Christmas celebration more beautiful, cheerful and elegant.

This is because in addition to being used as an ornament, this technique can also be applied to the most diverse utilities. Therefore, if you know how to crochet, invest in it to decorate your home this Christmas. And if you don’t have complete mastery, run, because there’s still time to learn how to make beautiful pieces for this end of the year. Ready to get started and make your home even more charming? If you still don’t have much practice, as we said, it’s a simple pattern to make and easy to learn, you’ll see.

For me, one of the biggest advantages of crocheting is the materials needed to make the most different pieces. Some need different details, but for the most part, there are three materials. You will need yarn, a crochet hook and scissors. The crochet hook depends on the yarn chosen and the manufacturer’s instructions can be found on the packaging.

As for yarn, always prioritize quality materials. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one in the store, but you need a soft yarn that maintains the garment’s characteristics even after washing.

And no matter how resistant the crochet pieces are, when washing, take the necessary care. After all, we are still talking about a handmade piece. Ready to get started? In A Crocheted Simplicity you will find all the steps to make the snowman kitchen towel.

Read all rounds and only then start crocheting. Have you seen how Christmas crochet can be a great technique to produce beautiful Christmas ornaments? Tell us which item you are going to start production with and leave your questions and suggestions in the comments.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: A Crocheted Simplicity

Beautiful Round Doily – Free Crochet Pattern


Hi everybody! What a pleasure to meet you here, I’m always very happy with your company. You know that everything we share here has been tested and we think it might be a good idea for you too. Whether for your home, for sale, for gifts to loved ones, crochet pieces transmit all this affection. That’s why we brought this Beautiful Round Doily. All made in crochet and with an open and very delicate stitch, it is the perfect piece to complement your home decor.

The crochet doily is a charming item that complements the decoration of the dining table, or even the kitchen as a whole, bringing elegance and beauty. This piece can be made with different materials and does not cost much. If you enjoy crocheting, you can develop a fun hobby. Many recipes and charts are available online so you can make them all without having to leave your home. From accessories to place under the plates to pieces to decorate the stove, we will show you that the crochet doily can be present wherever your imagination allows.

As it is an element of the set table, you can have a wide variety of crochet doily to use according to the occasion. It’s worth having some more sophisticated ones for important events, like Christmas dinner and birthdays and other simpler ones for everyday life. The round crochet doily is one of the most beloved. In addition to being easy to make, it can also serve as a coaster and even an extra detail to use with sousplat. As the round crochet doily is very used on a daily basis, have more than one model and color of it, so you can innovate in table decoration at each meal.

You can also sell kits with the round crochet doily. Make models of different sizes and styles, however, maintaining the perfection of the details in each piece. I guarantee that those who like to use crafts at home will be interested in your work.

To make the crochet doily you will need basically two materials: needles and thread. Crochet hooks should be chosen based on the thickness of the thread and the type of finish you want to give the piece. For example, for a tighter-looking doily and tight stitches, choose a thicker yarn with a finer needle.

For a more delicate doily model, the best option is to work with a needle and fine thread. For those who prefer a more rustic and laid-back look, they can choose to work with string and a thicker needle, following the thickness of the thread.

Now that we know the basic information, let’s crochet? You can find the beautiful round doily pattern in Crochet and Knitting. Then come tell us what you think here in the comments. Let’s make this end of the year even more special with our crafts.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet and Knitting

Crochet flower Granny Square Blanket


The crochet blankets are trending at any time of the year, if you want to learn a modern and frilled model for any time of the year continue with us until the end of this post, in fact crochet is something that even creativity does not understand, transforming lines and pieces is something amazing.

Today’s tutorial will bring something very cheerful to your life, a very colorful tutorial that is worth, I started to make one because in reality it was a client who introduced me to this tutorial.

I’m still running on the piece, I consider a tutorial easy to develop, but if you are beginner do not advise to do face unless you have willingness to start from start to finish.

This is because a blanket is already large by itself, so you will need to devote a lot of your time and follow the step by step from start to finish, who is starting I recommend you take smaller tutorials and only come to this at the intermediate level, which then you can intersperse your learning with other models.

I believe that I will take about 01 month to produce the whole blanket, more in fact it is an amazing piece that will be worth it, I say a month, because my goal is to get it whole and only stop when I finish.

That is, as long as I do not finish, I do not go to another tutorial, I recommend this to you who is beginner, pick up one piece and only go to another when the tutorial is over is important, as it will motivate you to make many other models.

The cool thing about this point is that it’s repetitive, it helped me to perfection in every career I started and ended and also didn’t make the model tiresome, all the time keeps changing points.

A piece as it is not to have many models in the atelier, because it takes a long time to produce, so normally I advise on making one for dissemination and portfolio and working with others on order, this will save you time and money.

Sale price in a way like this makes it worth all the time spent on producing, so if you’re out there thinking about making you give yourself the greatest strength to start today.
Creativity, crochet is this art, just pick up thread and needle and do whatever you want, it’s a world without geográfic barrier a. You do whateveryou want just have creativity, patience, persistence and know the points.

As I said at the beginning have a crochet blanket at home is really beautiful, this because each model worked manual wastes a lot of beauty and a job that leaves anyone in love, initially I’m also working on a colorful model, I intend to leave the same exposed on my couch as a decoration blanket, it looks beautiful!

I have in the room some pillows worked in crochet so I think the set will bring a lot of delicacy and elegance in the environment.So stop being accommodating, crochet is persistence, grab needle, thread and a pen to write down the interesting and important stitches and bora know another amazing tutorial.


Tutorial Sheep shaped crochet snuggle sack


Crochet and the art of stitching. Made with so much love is delicacy this piece will leave anyone in love by the wealth of detail and sophistication, we bring today another amazing tutorial of a piece that I consider of intermediate level of difficulty, I for example even not being so experienced took me a week to produce, I believe that people who have more skill with the needle, do in less time.

But I’ll tell you that it’s the most beautiful thing, I made it in baby blue color and the detail is really amazing, all the time spent in the production of the piece was worth it, I’m satisfied with the result and I believe that by producing other pieces of the same model I’ll get skill and also agility.

The secret of this piece is exactly in the tutorial, I followed everything that was recommended and managed to do, just like me you will also surely succeed in the production of this model. The important thing is to start and finish, this will make you more motivated to go to the end of the tutorials.

Crochet Bag

Another thing about crochet that we must emphasize is that crochet is practice, as I have been saying for a long time. There is no point in getting frustrated in your first attempt at producing the pieces, of course, little by little you will reach perfection.

The business is to do as I always recommend, follow good mentors, pay attention to the tutorials, see the tips that we mention in our site, get molded by good content, all this is important to give you ideas, motivation, inspiration, creativity and practice.

The rest you just need to put a needle and thread in your hand and that’s it, it will be just like a rose will unravel, crochet is the art of possibilities, everything you imagine today is possible to reproduce on the same line.

The cool thing is that it is a very promising growth market, so have an entrepreneurial mind and see the bright future that you as a craftswoman have, believe if you want! I started with barely any material, but today I receive orders of all kinds every day.

Of course that besides being a craftswoman I became an entrepreneur and marketer, I stay on the internet following good mentors in the business and everything that they make available that adds knowledge to me I put my hand in the dough and bring to share with you.

The piece I mentioned today I made in a week, there are tutorials available here on the site that I make in a day, it’s the cool thing about everything I do. I take pictures and sell them, because it is impossible to look at a crochet piece and not fall in love with it.

I myself started in the beginning to make personalized needlepoint pieces in dishcloths, and today I have this as a practice that I do with my eyes closed, and at the time I sold very well. What helped me was the will and the practice, I assure you that I was not born knowing how to crochet, just like you who are here looking for knowledge.

I made an effort and today I am a professional, I still have my difficulties, but I made it a solid foundation where I am climbing step by step, the cool thing is that today I have this as an excellent extra income, therapy and learning.

Because crocheting is exercising the body and also the mind, I’m very happy for not having given up crochet because of the difficulty and today I come to motivate you to keep trying, to be striving to put like me every day the hand in the dough to create pieces as amazing as the tutorials that we bring here.

I would like to make it clear that these pieces are not my own, they are from people I have as reference and I bring them to share with you, the credit is all from the official site.
So let’s put our hands to work and produce this beautiful crochet bag see the official tutorial. By Yarnspirations

Access the Pattern : Yawn the sheep crochet snuggle sack

Crochet Bag
Crochet Bag


Crochet octopus for premature babies


The art of transforming is something really amazing, crochet is the world of many possibilities and today being a very different tutorial, we brought a crocheted piece to give as a gift to a child or a baby who has just arrived, because it overflows delicacy, lightness, purity and richness in detail that will leave you as well as me in love indeed.

Today we bring the octopus as a reproduction piece, but with the same idea you can make any pet or character of your choice. I found this piece of basic level, not feeling difficulty and producing it in two days. Very economical when it comes to material, you can make several models with the same thread. I also found a very detailed piece that makes it cute and delicate, the first reproduction I made is for a gift to my son.

I simply loved it, I am in love with it! Believe it or not, when he was smaller I bought several crocheted animals and wondered how the piece was developed. My goodness! I am surprised! The stitch is extremely easy and I can do it very easily, and in less than a week I managed to create 3 more models.

Crochet Dust
Crochet Dust

Obviously I took the opportunity, because it is a very profitable piece, it is almost impossible for a mother not to see such a rich piece and not take it. Especially crochet pieces made for children is something that comes out a lot, the cool thing is that to do is very simple and easy and you can in the same week reproduce several, I initially made 4, actually 5, because one was for my son and the others I left available in the studio, I’ve already sold 2 and I’m sure that soon I will sell two more.

I don’t know if you remember, but those who follow me around here know that crochet got me out of depression. In reality I was amazed at everything I saw reproduced in the piece, and I saw the opportunity. Because everything can be crocheted, especially clothes, blouses, dresses, bikinis, children’s clothes, shoes and everything else.

Initially I didn’t do much, just simple and very basic pieces. Nothing too complex or complicated! One day, I was fired from my regular job and found myself without a job, because we lived in a crisis scenario and how to get a job with all this.

I was devastated, I thought I would never go back on the market, that’s when sitting in the living room, crocheting I had an idea, I still had 5 installments of unemployment insurance left, I said that is the time I have to actually learn something and make it to sell. If after finishing the insurance I can’t live day to day, I will have to go back to the job market for the first opportunity that comes my way.

I confess that at the time I was very afraid of not succeeding, but I knew of my potential and thought that if everyone can create amazing pieces with just needle and thread, why not me? I started to dedicate myself day and night, all the free time I had I was in fact dedicating myself to learning, I made my first piece following the tutorial and details were not perfect, but I was already extremely happy with the result, after all I knew nothing.

It was by making dishcloth that I was improving my stitches, picking up tips from sites that I liked to follow and today I’m here sharing knowledge with you. Look how the world is turning? Who would have thought that I would know how to create pieces as beautiful as the tutorials that I bring.

I would like to emphasize that this tutorial is not my production, all image credits and content is direct from the official website that you can check the amazing tutorial of this piece. By Yarnspirations

Access the Pattern : Preemie crochet octopus

Crochet Dust
Crochet Dust

Aran Hearts Crochet Throw


Do you know that beautiful decorative piece that is displayed on top of your sofa or even on the bed just to make the environment more delicate and cozy? Well it’s the Heart Throw, the tutorial that we brought today oozes delicacy, sophistication, cuteness and charm promising to leave your environment even more elegant. Come with us to learn this amazing tutorial of yet another crochet piece.

This is an excellent gift for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, or even as a present for the person you love. When I was looking through the tutorials and found this one, I challenged myself to make it, I said look how luxurious! I want to have one on my bed. Well my experience when developing this model in fact was pretty amazing, I found it super quiet and easy.

I think we can say that the degree of difficulty is medium. The finished piece was a charm, I put it on top of my bed, I made it in the color wine and of course as an excellent craftswoman and marketer I took a picture and divulged this beauty on social networks, I made 4 sales in the same day.

Of course, I only sell this kind of piece on demand, it was super worth learning, and the stitch is very nice to work, there are many variations and I was not bored of working all the time the same stitch.

There are a lot of variations and I didn’t get bored working the same stitch over and over again. I would like to make it clear that the very piece taught in the tutorial is not of my own authorship, all credits go to the official site of the method I just learned.

I put in my head that to learn crochet you need to follow good mentors and I have done that, all the tutorials that I have on my site are of reference designe in this business.
They simply rock, such professionalism and richness of detail we can check in the amazing pieces that they bring.

I have a creative side that needs to be worked on, so I feed my head a lot of information that adds value to me.

I learn the tutorials, search the sites and share experiences, one thing I do a lot is practice. This is what will lead me to the perfection of the pieces. I am a beginner, I still feel difficulty in developing certain points but nothing that with time is not perfect, the important thing is that I do not give up.

Today I live off crochet, of course I make simpler pieces and they are still my strong point, but I constantly watch tutorials of more elaborate pieces and get my hands dirty. I only jump to another tutorial when I finish what I started to do, there is no option to give up.

Crochet is an art of possibility, because all you have to do is take thread and needle and transform it into amazing pieces that anyone can fall in love with.

So beautiful to be seen is the richness of detail of the pieces that are made of crochet. Today we will share a very interesting tutorial of a very versatile piece, widely used as a decorative blanket people often use the same in the middle of the sofa or at the foot of the bed. Beautiful, sophisticated, elegant and delicate is a piece that will add a lot to your environment.

Be sure to learn this amazing piece that will make you fall even more in love with the art of crochet. Check out the step by step on the official site. Credits ➥ By Yarnspirations

Crochet Tutorial Flower Crown


Crochet is an art of falling in love even today in the tutorial we brought another innovation of the line of crochet perfect for decorating your door and any place that can expose this art. Easy to do is very simple to follow the tutorial I found this piece really amazing and brought it to you as inspiration. I would like to point out that this is not my own work, all credits go to the official website that publishes this perfection.

My experience in producing this piece was amazing, I found the stitches very easy, simple to do, versatile, that is, from this idea I can already visualize many others and the stitch is very nice to work. The difficulty level to make this piece is easy, following the step by step instructions you will see that there is no mystery. It took me one day to make my reproduction and I simply loved it.

After you get the hang of the stitch, you can certainly produce up to 4 of these pieces in the same day. I spent little material and the profit was excellent, as you know I live from crochet, I’m crazy about tutorials, I’m always scouring the internet following people who are references for me in this art and recreating the tutorials and from these pieces, from these ideas making other pieces.

Crochet Flower Crown Tutorial
Crochet Flower Crown Tutorial

I started crocheting as a great hobby and today it is love at first, second and even third sight. I don’t give up my therapy that generates income. I do it with love and great pleasure, I live off it and it has been the foundation of my balance, after all crochet saved me from a tremendous depression. For you who have parachuted in here and are enjoying and sharing knowledge with me, don’t give up!

At first it may seem difficult to crochet, but in fact it will be the practice that will lead you to perfection. The more you practice, the more amazing pieces you will create. The cool thing is the universality of the stitches, the stitches you learn in a certain tutorial will help you create new pieces, so if you are a beginner, practice little by little.

You will see that little by little you will get practice and agility, especially with the needle, today I receive many orders in the month is clear that I do not manufacture many pieces of my items except those that I already know that sell a lot. Like bathroom rugs, tablecloths, tablecloths, blankets, and other crocheted items.

I started from nothing and today I am a craftswoman here in my city, very well known for the pieces that are sold in my store. I thought I couldn’t even make a dishcloth, let alone a whole piece. How funny life is, isn’t it? Today I crochet with my eyes closed, it’s so fast that I don’t even feel it.

In the past I barely knew how to hold a needle, so my advice to you is Practice as much as you can, go through our site, collect a lot of knowledge, watch the videos and tutorials that we offer here. We have a very complete content about crochet that can help you reproduce amazing pieces and who knows, maybe crochet will change your life, just as it changed mine and today makes my days better.

When we work and do something for love, everything in life flows and that’s how I take crochet, a profession I chose for love. Now enough talk and let’s learn this amazing tutorial that is available on the official website of the piece that you can check out today. Credits ➥ By Yarnspirations

Crochet Flower Crown Tutorial
Crochet Flower Crown Tutorial

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