Baby Bear Crochet Hoodie


Cute is seeing a child with these custom crochet sweatshirts. Besides the cuteness it is a piece that will protect from cold, chilly and provide comfort while wearing. This is an excellent gift option, and a piece that will sell well, since the cuteness is so charming that anyone who comes across a piece like this will be enchanted.

It took me 3 days to recreate mine, I found the degree of difficulty average because I am a beginner, but for those who already have some skill with the needle and know the stitch I believe that you can finish a jacket like this in 2 days at most. Even because it is a children’s garment it is not very big, so don’t think that I got it right the first time.

I took and re-did some stitches over and over again until I got everything right, because I wanted the stitches to be just right. For my first reproduction it was not so perfect, but I believe that practice will lead me to perfection and I am already creating my second model.

Crochet Red Heart Baby Sweatshirt Tutorial
Crochet Red Heart Baby Sweatshirt Tutorial

For those who are starting, I didn’t think it is a very difficult piece to make, but it is important to pay attention to the step by step, do the whole thing without skipping any explanation and you will certainly be successful in the production of the piece.

Detail is a piece of easy sale, because any color you make will draw attention, I made it and posted it on my sales networks around here and I already have orders for next week.
I found it interesting that it is an economical piece and very versatile to make, from the creation of the same you can give rise to other pieces as beautiful as it is.

I never get tired of saying how much crochet makes me more passionate every day, because I’ve only been in the business a short time and I can reproduce the amazing pieces that these mentors that I follow make. Ah, one thing I want to make clear, I didn’t create any of these models, I follow people who are references in the crochet business, excellent artisans and they share this incredible and beautiful knowledge.

Then the only thing I do is to reproduce these patterns and in fact it has worked, I have been successful and managed to make sales. Crochet got me out of a terrible depression, I started in the business as a hobby and today after all this crisis that has paralyzed employment in the world I live on it.

I live of what I like to do, it’s not at all that I’m all the time on the internet looking for tutorials to learn reference, be you like me, became unemployed and do not know where to start? See crochet as an opportunity for mental and psychological health as well as extra income.

Don’t think it was easy, I started like you from nothing and today I sell a considerable amount in a month, what I suggest for those who are starting is to actually practice.
The second step is to take crochet as an opportunity, to see beyond the horizon, to see it as perhaps a source of income.

Isn’t it great to work with what we love to do? You know that moment of relaxation and leisure that you used to take off by crocheting can now continue to be done, but generating income. The cool thing about crochet is that the material has a low cost, you can start with very little and even if you have an order you get an excellent profit on the piece.

The richness of detail of each piece made of crochet is indeed something incredible to any eye, so it is a market with chances of very promising growth. If you want to learn how to make this piece and take your first step in the crochet business check out the official tutorial for this piece. Credits ➥ By Yarnspirations

Crochet Red Heart Baby Sweatshirt Tutorial
Crochet Red Heart Baby Sweatshirt Tutorial


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