Crochet octopus for premature babies


The art of transforming is something really amazing, crochet is the world of many possibilities and today being a very different tutorial, we brought a crocheted piece to give as a gift to a child or a baby who has just arrived, because it overflows delicacy, lightness, purity and richness in detail that will leave you as well as me in love indeed.

Today we bring the octopus as a reproduction piece, but with the same idea you can make any pet or character of your choice. I found this piece of basic level, not feeling difficulty and producing it in two days. Very economical when it comes to material, you can make several models with the same thread. I also found a very detailed piece that makes it cute and delicate, the first reproduction I made is for a gift to my son.

I simply loved it, I am in love with it! Believe it or not, when he was smaller I bought several crocheted animals and wondered how the piece was developed. My goodness! I am surprised! The stitch is extremely easy and I can do it very easily, and in less than a week I managed to create 3 more models.

Crochet Dust
Crochet Dust

Obviously I took the opportunity, because it is a very profitable piece, it is almost impossible for a mother not to see such a rich piece and not take it. Especially crochet pieces made for children is something that comes out a lot, the cool thing is that to do is very simple and easy and you can in the same week reproduce several, I initially made 4, actually 5, because one was for my son and the others I left available in the studio, I’ve already sold 2 and I’m sure that soon I will sell two more.

I don’t know if you remember, but those who follow me around here know that crochet got me out of depression. In reality I was amazed at everything I saw reproduced in the piece, and I saw the opportunity. Because everything can be crocheted, especially clothes, blouses, dresses, bikinis, children’s clothes, shoes and everything else.

Initially I didn’t do much, just simple and very basic pieces. Nothing too complex or complicated! One day, I was fired from my regular job and found myself without a job, because we lived in a crisis scenario and how to get a job with all this.

I was devastated, I thought I would never go back on the market, that’s when sitting in the living room, crocheting I had an idea, I still had 5 installments of unemployment insurance left, I said that is the time I have to actually learn something and make it to sell. If after finishing the insurance I can’t live day to day, I will have to go back to the job market for the first opportunity that comes my way.

I confess that at the time I was very afraid of not succeeding, but I knew of my potential and thought that if everyone can create amazing pieces with just needle and thread, why not me? I started to dedicate myself day and night, all the free time I had I was in fact dedicating myself to learning, I made my first piece following the tutorial and details were not perfect, but I was already extremely happy with the result, after all I knew nothing.

It was by making dishcloth that I was improving my stitches, picking up tips from sites that I liked to follow and today I’m here sharing knowledge with you. Look how the world is turning? Who would have thought that I would know how to create pieces as beautiful as the tutorials that I bring.

I would like to emphasize that this tutorial is not my production, all image credits and content is direct from the official website that you can check the amazing tutorial of this piece. By Yarnspirations

Access the Pattern : Preemie crochet octopus

Crochet Dust
Crochet Dust
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