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Cold days are approaching, this time of year is heat day and cold at night and nothing that a blanket well warm to welcome us at this time. We found below an amazing tutorial of a well colored blanket in hexagons, you will be amazed by this piece. Learn this amazing crochet blanket today.

Everything in crochet is sophisticated, beautiful and very appreciable to be see. Today we brought something different, super tendency in the decoration and functional item also because it can serve you very well on colder days.

I can’t get enough of saying that everything in crochet is beautiful. I’m in love, my first blanket i remember how to be today i made her all worked on the white wire is i tell you this is over 5 years and she is intact to this day.

Hexagonal Crocheted Blanket
Hexagonal Crochet Blanket

Everything that is done in hard crochet absurdly, in addition to the richness of the finish and even the details of the piece that is amazing, easy and very simple to do just follow the tutorial to succeed in this production.

As everything I bring to you I also put my hand in the dough and decided to produce this piece, I’m in love of course the first one is mine.

I did the usual marketer is already have more than 5 orders, I confess that i can not stay all the time doing this same model, it took a little more than a month to complete, more is worth super.

I’m more than satisfied with the result is passionate about the richness of detail, the cool thing is that you can vary a lot in the hexagons and make a piece well biased, colorful or be something more neutral bet on one or two line colors to vary well the model.

I did in the pattern taught by the tutorial, but depending on the client and the size she wants just continue the production until it is the requested size.

I don’t get tired of saying, crochet is a market for possibilities, see the lines how income is hard work to learn is actually reproducing beautiful and amazing pieces as far as it is.

Thanks to this art today I live very well, Work in the comfort of my home, I am a mother and artisan passionate about pieces in crochet, I usually follow good mentors and have them as great inspiration.

In fact, crochet has provided me with a lot of knowledge and learning, apart from working all over my mind, always keeps me busy and motivated to learn more and more.

It’s no point in that anyone who knows how to do never abandons this art, I’m producing another model to gift my mother and I’m sure she will be in love.

In fact, everything that is done in crochet features an incredible delicacy and give a charm in the décor of the environment, in reality any and all hand-crafted piece is really beautiful to see.

Today I have a atelier inside my house is to use crochet to my advantage, do not think you that at first it was easy, on the contrary I spent days and days trying to make certain stitches and often could not at first.

But what made me win this market, was exactly my persistence and willingness to learn, it is not a toathat today I gained agility with the needle.

Of course depending on the difficulty of the piece I still do more time producing, but I usually do not give up, I go to the end and i get a tutorial at a time.

I indicate that you also do this,  start and finish so that you can visualize and appreciate your results. Now let’s get our hands dirty is to learn this amazing hexagon blanket. This tutorial is not my production, all image credits and content are direct from the official website. Credits ➥ By Yarnspirations

See the Pattern ➥ Crochet Hexagons Blanket

Hexagonal Crocheted Blanket
Hexagonal Crocheted Blanket




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