Rose Garden Crochet Bag


If you’ve made it this far, you’re a passionate crocheter like me in search of novelty in this creative world, today I bring you another crochet option made to be passionate about. The famous crochet bags are beautiful, versatile, depending on the model, colorful and super elegant. Very used to go to fairs, markets and grocery stores.

The tutorial taught this model is reproduced in a small version made for the day to day, either to walk in a more relaxed place, lunch and even square and park. But it can be reproduced in a larger model, becoming in fact a bag. I am simply in love with the reproduction made in vibrant colors is excellent for transmitting joy in the day to day, I simply loved it.

Speaking a little in depth of crochet I would like to share that the reproduction of this bag is very simple, versatile and practical, so if you are a beginner crocheter very calm at this time. Just like me you will initially feel difficulty but after following the guidelines you will be able to succeed in production, grab thread and needle and get to work.

Crédito de imagem peça em crochet Debbie Stoller
Crédito de imagem peça em crochet Debbie Stoller

As I always say, the stitch taught you can originate other pieces and unique methods, just follow the entire step by step and then go improving it your way. I started crocheting a little over 6 years ago and today I can already start and finish pieces in a simple, easy and very diverse way in relation to the stitches.

I started to create a series of new pieces from the stitches that I have been learning in the tutorials, in the beginning it is really hard because we don’t know the right way to hold the needle, handle the thread and even manipulate our arms. With time these skills emerge and you can be sure that if I can do it, you will too, and soon you will write to us telling us how you succeeded.

Crochet is the art of saving lives, I take this phrase to my heart when I met crochet I was going through a very difficult process in my life, a separation. I loved that person so much that I often left myself aside for this, crochet took me out of my sad thoughts and directed me to do something.

I was depressed for a long time and stuck without evolving in anything precisely because I was suffering from depression. As I am a very quiet person, I kept all these feelings inside me. And this aggravated me in such a way, I found in crochet a way to get it off my chest, to express all these feelings that are here inside and only I know.

Crochet changed my life in such a way that today it has become extra income, I sell some pieces that I make myself through the tutorials, of course the pieces I do I follow the step by step without error, and then they come out perfect as in the photos.

I want to leave a tip that may be for you that has been going through the same problem I suffered, depression. I tell you that the art of transforming lines into art changed my life.
I am living proof that the benefits of this art exist, not only on the financial side, where I get some money from these pieces.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial : Rose Garden Crochet Bag

Credits ➥ By Yarnspirations

Crochet has been an intensive therapy for my mind, it’s no wonder that I spend hours and hours researching good tutorials to follow, today as it’s no different I share with you one model made by the designer Debbie Stoller, simply passionate that you can check the step by step.



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