Crochet Tunic Sweater Tutorial


The tunics in the sweater model is the new sensation of the moment, if you want to learn today this new crochet market to earn extra income or give someone a gift, you’ve come to the right place. Versatile is a piece that can be worn on any day of various patterns, especially to warm you up in colder days and places, the tunics are crochet pieces that never go out of fashion and it is worth checking the official step by step tutorial at the end of the post.

One thing you will notice when making this piece is that the stitching is really lovely, you can fall in love with it. I’ve started to do it myself, and I have intermediate knowledge, and I’m loving it. If we know how to work well with the needle and thread we can recreate very interesting pieces that will make any customer fall in love. Now talking a little bit about crochet, which is an art that shows passion in threads, only those who do crochet know the pleasure it gives to take a certain piece after it is finished and appreciate the richness of details.

It is very rewarding, if you are a beginner or even more experienced you know how much crochet is a therapy, I myself get to do in my spare time and feel more relaxed. Besides that after the piece is ready it is exposed and I keep looking, appreciating the beauty of every detail. Today it will be taught through the tutorial of Sara Wright which we will leave the official link to her method at the end of the post, the step by step of this amazing piece.

Crochet piece made by Sarah Wright

After I made the first one, which for sure was mine, many orders came in and I am delighted with the piece, it is very versatile, you can wear it on cold days or on cooler days, play with colors and clothes. With a blouse and pants or even a dress, wearing a crochet tunic is synonymous with elegance, beauty, and sophistication. The piece looks beautiful on the body and you can’t help but learn how to make this model.

Crocheters beginners do not be scared, the piece seems difficult and complex, but it is not, the method is very simple and easy to be done even by those who have no knowledge of crochet. Of course it won’t be perfect at first, you need to practice, remember that it will be the same that will lead to perfection, the more you practice, the more chances you have to be perfect in your piece.

The more you practice, the more chances you have to make your piece perfect. Because it’s already beautiful, another nice thing I’ve already mentioned, but I’d like to make it clear is that the stitches taught to make this piece allow you to create other models, other shapes.

Let your imagination take you wherever it wants, creativity in crochet is something that can work without barriers. Ah, another thing that I can’t fail to mention is the possibility of becoming your own boss, because you are responsible for your own production.That is, the more crocheted pieces you make, the greater your chances of selling.

I recommend that if you are a beginner, you make only two models of each piece and distribute them as you go along. This makes it much easier, because you only make what is ordered and thus reduces spending on materials and everything else, as well as time. We know that crocheting is enjoyable, but it is good that you do it and learn other things as well.

Check out this amazing tutorial made by Sarah Wright ➥ Access the pattern

Crochet piece made by Sarah Wright


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  1. […] The versatility is something that comes with all the amazing collection of Sarah Wright, because the pieces that she proposes and brings portrays very much the modern woman who works and does several things at the same time. I myself reproduced this model, I wore it to an event at the beach, to a review with friends, and at the mall, mixing jeans and heels. Regardless of the occasion that you wear this piece, it will be a success, because it is simply beautiful. […]


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