Poncho crochet from 6 to 12 months


Usually, small child hates putting on hooded clothes and ends up taking off all the time, the bad that the child gets unprotected from being sereno and other situations that can put your baby more vulnerable. This crochet poncho will provide that protection.

Thinking of ending this problem this piece made in crochet called poncho may be the solution so that your child (a) does not take off anymore is so avoid getting cool and being exposed to cold situations.

Myself to see this piece play one for my Bernardo, it really is an amazing joker piece, which is nice to have in our baby’s wardrobe.  We know that child is terrible and with that ends all the time taking off the hood exposing the cold, especially when we go out with them more at night.

Poncho tutorial on crochet

I simply loved, as it is a loose piece you can put in combination with any outfit, the intention is to really propose the protection of the child, I found a very interesting finding, because just as I have many more that go through the same, even more my son who seems to be connected in the 220V.

Another interesting thing for me is that of this same model I create a coat, but it was too cute. It’s the art of creativity, I really loved it.

I love bringing children’s pieces because I think made in crochet is even more grandiose and beautiful, I like the delicacy that is and made in crochet is more passionate.

Thinking about the entrepreneurial side, every piece that is crafted in crochet mainly children also has a very delicate tone is beautiful, I loved to reproduce the same and i will definitely make more models because it is new in the market.

I’ve never seen it in any store myself, you’re sure it’s going to be a sales success in my town.

Thinking also of the motivational side, you who are starting now is no idea where to start, I indicate that you start making smaller pieces, you can choose preferably for children.

This is because the stitches are simple and very easy to make and you can reproduce cute and very amazing pieces such as blankets, coats, shoes, overalls and even fraldinhas can be reproduced in crochet.

The only thing you have to be to be look at is that there are lines in specific patterns for children, aimed at delicate and sensitive skin, this is crucial to follow since the baby’s skin is very sensitive and depending on the cloth can irritate.

Take time to be dedicated, who wants to learn crochet in fact dedicates their spare time to learning techniques that facilitate their production, there is no other way to learn without taking the thread and needle and following tutorials.

Tutorials exist in several ways whether in PDF files, video lessons and tips scattered throughout the site can add value and knowledge and facilitate and much at the time of production.

Don’t be discouraged, at first it’s really hard because you have to get the hang of it, then it’s automatic. I motivated myself too much after I did my first play from start to finish, so a tip I give you, especially if you’re starting now.

Choose a tutorial and take to do from start to finish, only change the piece when you can complete it completely, you will see that the feeling of having managed to deliver the tutorial proposal from start to finish is really something enriching the soul.

You get more motivated to finish and make other models, it’s really amazing so no use is complaining, take needle and line specifies this tutorial and bora for another amazing model.

Oh, I would like to make it clear that the credits of this tutorial and even the image is from the official website that you can check out the step by step by. By Yarnspirations

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Bear Cub Crochet Poncho

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