Afghan Diamond Crochet Tutorial


Bringing today another amazing and very romantic proposal made in the finishing and details of heart the diamond afghan is a piece that will leave your environment more beautiful, charming and much more decorated. Perfect gift for your mother or anyone else who is passionate about the art of crochet.

Moreover, the charm of this piece is exactly in the finish, have you ever thought of coming home and see a piece like this decorating your sofa or your bed. When I talk about crochet I get goose bumps, it was he who changed my life in a difficult moment that I was going through, I needed to occupy my mind and it was through this art that I started to occupy my days.

At the time I tell you I took it as a hobby, I did it only when I had time, but I always wanted to have quilts, blankets and any other decorative piece in my house in crochet. When I went downtown I was amazed at how many models I saw there, and as I bought most of them, I was always thinking, “oh, my! I know how to do the basics, why not explore.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: By Yarnspirations

It was then that on a cold day at home, with nothing to do I started to search the internet for tutorials that could teach me how to create pieces as beautiful as this one that we will show you in the following tutorial.

I started to do and put in my head that I would finish, it was then that within 3 days following a wonderful tutorial from this amazing designer I made my first piece, I remember until today was a tunic that even my mother when she saw, asked me to make one for her.

As time went by more and more people started praising it and it’s not that the model I thought I wouldn’t know how to make was a best seller, no joke. I sold about 6 tunics, all of the same model, only changing the colors.

It was then that I, unemployed, not knowing what to do with my life, saw crochet as an opportunity for extra income, not that after so many years in this business I now have this art of transforming threads into pieces as the main thing.

Today I live from it and I can tell you with all authority it’s something I’m passionate about, I started to fall in love and delight with the final process that is exactly the anxiety we have in seeing the finished piece.

I was making each model that I couldn’t believe I could even start, it’s detail as well as you who may be here on my site seeking information and tutorials to learn, I was in the same situation.

What put me ahead was the motivation to want to finish the piece and fall in love with the details. Today I am very inspired by the models created by this wonderful woman because she brings versatile pieces in every way, both to produce and to use and abuse the models.

Besides being a hobby, it has become my hobby to go through her blog and appreciate the richness of detail of her production, and look that there are models that you can check is sure to do is to be in love.

Today I have crochet as a hobby and therapy that I do with lots of love and pleasure, it’s no wonder that I get lost in productions, I’m called crazy for lines, today I came to share with you another incredible tutorial, another wonderful model for you to fall in love with.

Image credit and content of the pattern is intended for the official website ➥ By Yarnspirations

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