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Today we bring you another amazing crochet reproduction by designer Sarah Wright. I started to make mine and I’m already in love with the model she created and decided to share my amazing experience with you.

I am reproducing this piece as a gift for my mother, but I already see it as a very promising piece to sell, because besides being super stylish, elegant and sophisticated the piece has an amazing finish that leaves any designer in love.

I started to do the stitches and learning the same I saw that I can recreate several other styles, of course the original piece is from this wonderful designer that I only have compliments to make.

In relation to the difficulty of making the piece I don’t feel any, even being a beginner in the business I can already have agility when reproducing the model, very simple and easy that gave me a horizon in the future to create other models.

Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet

The cool thing is also the elegance of it, very versatile I’m sure it will be a well received gift.

Now talking a little in depth about crochet is the experience I’m having with it in my life, I can tell you that it is being more than a therapy, I started to take in my spare time and today is a hobby that I’m making an extra income.

Ah, at first it was really hard, because I was afraid to take risks and judged the difficulty by looking at the piece, the more details it had, the more I was scared.

Wrongly, of course! I fell in love for the first time when I saw a lady here in the neighborhood reproducing incredible models with just thread and needle, I was amazed and wanted to learn.

I asked for help and she began to teach me the simplest stitches, which are the famous “correntinhas” (little chains), from then on I went on to my hobby, everything I saw on the internet I tried to reproduce.

Of course, even today I have certain difficulties in certain stitches, but nothing that practice will not lead me to perfection. Today I can already produce pieces of various models and I am inspired by people I have as reference as the designer Sarah Wright, she recreates each wonderful model that is impossible not to fall in love.

Today crochet is more than an art, it has become a good therapy that moves your whole body, mind, and even motor coordination.

Crochet makes me forget my problems and I also had a vision beyond my reach, when I started to invest in my own business, I thought: why not combine this hobby of mine with something that would make me profitable? Money?

After all, I am doing what I like? And the cool thing is that it doesn’t extend to just a simple piece, I can create today, anything I want, I crochet.

Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet

This goes from clothes, to blankets, quilts, characters, and anything else that comes to my mind. Crochet allows me to recreate and unleash my imagination.

Another cool thing is that after I learned how to make crocheted pieces, I became my own business, doing this by watching tutorials and tips from references such as designer Sarah Wright and reproducing these wonderful pieces.

Here on my site I share with you my experience, the amazing tutorials I found, my degree of difficulty in reproducing the piece, and ways that you can use crochet to generate extra income.

Use crochet to sharpen your imagination, after all it is through needle and thread that you transform everything into art. Check out the official tutorial for this piece by designer Sarah Wright on the official website ➥ See the Pattern 

Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet


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  1. […] It’s no wonder that I get lost in time when I’m recreating the pieces, because it has become more than a good therapy for my mind. I love crocheting and I’m always sharing the things I’m learning. This piece is a novelty in the thematic market, and is very successful at Easter, but you can have it in your studio to be a sale highlight, for sure, whoever looks at it will fall in love. […]


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