Lounge Around Crochet Blanket Hoodie


Very similar to a sweater, we can consider this model a joker piece for the colder and rainy days, it is an indispensable piece because it oozes beauty, sophistication and elegance.
It is very similar to a crochet sweatshirt that will provide the wearer with an incredible experience of keeping the body very warm while wearing it.

If you have an atelier or sell crochet pieces, this is an excellent option to invest your time, this model is inspired by the colder days and even fits the use of a scarf. Invest in the production of neutral colors, such as white, black, gray and even cream, it looks beautiful wearing a hooded jacket of this pattern on various occasions.

Whether during the day or even at night in quiet events or even in the most hectic ones with a bar, party or barbecue you can bet on wearing this piece. The richness in detail and finish is what will leave you more than in love, excellent cost and benefit for sure this piece will become your favorite in colder days.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: By Yarnspirations

In addition, it is nice because you can mix a lot of colors, as usual I always do this. Through the stitch that is taught by the official tutorial I take the opportunity to recreate new pieces, as the stitch is very simple and versatile I started to train in other models is really and amazing.

This piece is not a reproduction of mine, I want to make that clear, I follow good mentors because I believe that the more knowledge I acquire from people who are references in the area the better. I live here searching many rich contents and sharing with you because it is a way to exchange our experience, for sure you can learn something as well as me.

I would like to emphasize especially for those who are beginning, do not give up, crochet is not difficult is practice, it will bring the perfection of the models that you have been reproducing. If you like to crochet and want to reinvent yourself, especially this year after all that has happened, crochet has a very promising market worldwide.

Moreover, it is a market that should be seen with good eyes, because in fact crochet provides incredible experiences. Are you at home in quarantine? Don’t know what to do? Try to learn crochet! It will give you the best mind relaxation, mental comfort, you work on your hand motor coordination and exercise your mind a lot.

I recommend that you take a daily look at our site and see all the tips, tutorials and valuable information that we bring here for you who are already a professional in the area or for you that just like me are starting out. Our site is packed with information, tutorials, video lessons and files that teach you the entire process of making a particular piece of crochet.

The only thing you need is the will, time, thread, needle, and handwork. Holding the piece in my hand, I can’t believe how perfect this pattern is. When it comes to manufacturing, make this piece in your own time, it really depends on your performance and your will to produce the model that you are checking out in the tutorial. You can choose the color you want and reproduce the piece.

I want to make it clear that these pieces are not my creation, all credits go to the official website of the piece. Learn how to make this amazing piece through the step by step on the official website by Yarnspirations

Access the Pattern ➥ Lounge Around Crochet Blanket Hoodie


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