Shell and lattice crochet tunic


Hello crocheters, how are you? I hope so! Today I came here to leave you another amazing find that I started to make and simply loved. What I evaluate well when making these tutorials is the richness of detail and finish of each piece and in this one I found several things that caught my attention. It is a sophisticated, detailed, and richly detailed piece that is reproduced by hand through this incredible technique that is crochet.

Of course the piece is a reproduction of an amazing designer that I’ve been following for a long time, Sarah Wright is one of the mentors and creators of the models I’ve come to tell you about from my experience. The cool thing I found about this piece was the speed of production, I made it in no time, the stitches taught are so enjoyable to work, that when I saw I had already finished making it.

The versatility is something that comes with all the amazing collection of Sarah Wright, because the pieces that she proposes and brings portrays very much the modern woman who works and does several things at the same time. I myself reproduced this model, I wore it to an event at the beach, to a review with friends, and at the mall, mixing jeans and heels. Regardless of the occasion that you wear this piece, it will be a success, because it is simply beautiful.

Figure 1 – Image credit by Sarah Wright/ Crochet

I also found the mix of colors interesting and of course it’s up to you, if you like something more discreet you can do the whole piece in one color, or if you prefer to do what Sarah did, mixing the colors.

Another nice thing is that the piece is light and from the same stitch taught I originated several other models that I am also using in my day to day. If you have a studio it is worth betting on this production proposal, because anyone who sees a piece like this will want to buy it.

In addition to being very easy and simple to produce, which makes it much easier in quantity if you need to produce several at once. The selling price is considered low, which means that you don’t need to worry about costs, because in reality you will only spend thread and the specific needle for this stitch.

The crochet beginners who are starting now can bet that will take letter what will be taught in this tutorial, I myself do not have there great knowledge in the thing is to get to do. Crochet is the art of passion, the more you practice, the better your piece will come out, so bet on incredible models like this, use your creativity and imagination.

This is another tip that I always leave in my posts, search as much information as you can on our site and even on the official site of the tutorials we provide here, because the more knowledge you add, the greater your ability to absorb crochet in your life.

Figure 2 – Image credit by Sarah Wright/ Crochet

Do not give up, just in the first attempt, your pieces will come out perfect as much as any other tutorial taught here, as I always say will be the practice that will lead you to perfection, then in free time and vacant pick up the crochet initially as a hobby.

Do it every day, check the tutorials we leave here, practice your motor coordination, do one piece at a time, don’t go around wanting to do everything you see, and then at the end of each piece what will remain is motivation to do more and more.
Let’s go to the tutorial? Visit Sarah Wright’s official website ➥ Get the pattern

Figure 3 – Image credit by Sarah Wright /Crochet
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