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Crochet Tutorial Puff N Picots Bandana


Today we bring you another amazing crochet reproduction by designer Sarah Wright. I started to make mine and I’m already in love with the model she created and decided to share my amazing experience with you.

I am reproducing this piece as a gift for my mother, but I already see it as a very promising piece to sell, because besides being super stylish, elegant and sophisticated the piece has an amazing finish that leaves any designer in love.

I started to do the stitches and learning the same I saw that I can recreate several other styles, of course the original piece is from this wonderful designer that I only have compliments to make.

In relation to the difficulty of making the piece I don’t feel any, even being a beginner in the business I can already have agility when reproducing the model, very simple and easy that gave me a horizon in the future to create other models.

Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet

The cool thing is also the elegance of it, very versatile I’m sure it will be a well received gift.

Now talking a little in depth about crochet is the experience I’m having with it in my life, I can tell you that it is being more than a therapy, I started to take in my spare time and today is a hobby that I’m making an extra income.

Ah, at first it was really hard, because I was afraid to take risks and judged the difficulty by looking at the piece, the more details it had, the more I was scared.

Wrongly, of course! I fell in love for the first time when I saw a lady here in the neighborhood reproducing incredible models with just thread and needle, I was amazed and wanted to learn.

I asked for help and she began to teach me the simplest stitches, which are the famous “correntinhas” (little chains), from then on I went on to my hobby, everything I saw on the internet I tried to reproduce.

Of course, even today I have certain difficulties in certain stitches, but nothing that practice will not lead me to perfection. Today I can already produce pieces of various models and I am inspired by people I have as reference as the designer Sarah Wright, she recreates each wonderful model that is impossible not to fall in love.

Today crochet is more than an art, it has become a good therapy that moves your whole body, mind, and even motor coordination.

Crochet makes me forget my problems and I also had a vision beyond my reach, when I started to invest in my own business, I thought: why not combine this hobby of mine with something that would make me profitable? Money?

After all, I am doing what I like? And the cool thing is that it doesn’t extend to just a simple piece, I can create today, anything I want, I crochet.

Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet

This goes from clothes, to blankets, quilts, characters, and anything else that comes to my mind. Crochet allows me to recreate and unleash my imagination.

Another cool thing is that after I learned how to make crocheted pieces, I became my own business, doing this by watching tutorials and tips from references such as designer Sarah Wright and reproducing these wonderful pieces.

Here on my site I share with you my experience, the amazing tutorials I found, my degree of difficulty in reproducing the piece, and ways that you can use crochet to generate extra income.

Use crochet to sharpen your imagination, after all it is through needle and thread that you transform everything into art. Check out the official tutorial for this piece by designer Sarah Wright on the official website ➥ See the Pattern 

Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet


Crochet Tunic Sweater Tutorial


The tunics in the sweater model is the new sensation of the moment, if you want to learn today this new crochet market to earn extra income or give someone a gift, you’ve come to the right place. Versatile is a piece that can be worn on any day of various patterns, especially to warm you up in colder days and places, the tunics are crochet pieces that never go out of fashion and it is worth checking the official step by step tutorial at the end of the post.

One thing you will notice when making this piece is that the stitching is really lovely, you can fall in love with it. I’ve started to do it myself, and I have intermediate knowledge, and I’m loving it. If we know how to work well with the needle and thread we can recreate very interesting pieces that will make any customer fall in love. Now talking a little bit about crochet, which is an art that shows passion in threads, only those who do crochet know the pleasure it gives to take a certain piece after it is finished and appreciate the richness of details.

It is very rewarding, if you are a beginner or even more experienced you know how much crochet is a therapy, I myself get to do in my spare time and feel more relaxed. Besides that after the piece is ready it is exposed and I keep looking, appreciating the beauty of every detail. Today it will be taught through the tutorial of Sara Wright which we will leave the official link to her method at the end of the post, the step by step of this amazing piece.

Crochet piece made by Sarah Wright

After I made the first one, which for sure was mine, many orders came in and I am delighted with the piece, it is very versatile, you can wear it on cold days or on cooler days, play with colors and clothes. With a blouse and pants or even a dress, wearing a crochet tunic is synonymous with elegance, beauty, and sophistication. The piece looks beautiful on the body and you can’t help but learn how to make this model.

Crocheters beginners do not be scared, the piece seems difficult and complex, but it is not, the method is very simple and easy to be done even by those who have no knowledge of crochet. Of course it won’t be perfect at first, you need to practice, remember that it will be the same that will lead to perfection, the more you practice, the more chances you have to be perfect in your piece.

The more you practice, the more chances you have to make your piece perfect. Because it’s already beautiful, another nice thing I’ve already mentioned, but I’d like to make it clear is that the stitches taught to make this piece allow you to create other models, other shapes.

Let your imagination take you wherever it wants, creativity in crochet is something that can work without barriers. Ah, another thing that I can’t fail to mention is the possibility of becoming your own boss, because you are responsible for your own production.That is, the more crocheted pieces you make, the greater your chances of selling.

I recommend that if you are a beginner, you make only two models of each piece and distribute them as you go along. This makes it much easier, because you only make what is ordered and thus reduces spending on materials and everything else, as well as time. We know that crocheting is enjoyable, but it is good that you do it and learn other things as well.

Check out this amazing tutorial made by Sarah Wright ➥ Access the pattern

Crochet piece made by Sarah Wright


3D Flower Granny Blanket Tutorial


Perfect will be this crocheted blanket that you will learn in today’s tutorial, who looks at such a piece is willing to buy in all colors, quentinhas perfect to warm you in colder days is a great option for those who want to start also undertake through the craft. More than a culture, crochet is a therapy.

It is not today that the crocheted blankets are successful, in fact it is a piece rich in details and relatively an excellent cost and benefit to decorate your room, your living room and even expose it on top of your couch as a blanket.

The crocheted blankets are a sensation of the moment, besides being more beautiful than the traditional ones you can make them in various sizes and colors to leave the environment the way you prefer.


Crochet is an art of exploring creativity. Even for people new to crochet, you can rest assured that here with us on our portal you will be fed rich content that will give you the best experience in contact with crochet.

It is not today that people love any piece they find out there, so if you want to learn today this blanket continue with us until the end of the post that will be available the link of the official method.

Another very important thing to be said is that in addition to enjoying this content you should also go through our website to enjoy everything we post there, which will help you take the first steps in this amazing world that is crochet.

The cool thing about this art is that even if you have little money you can start, because the lines and the material is nothing absurd certainly fits within your pocket and can also after learning, become an opportunity for extra income.

This is because just as you are seeking to learn either for therapy, occupy your time or even open a business in the industry, there are people who appreciate with all the care this work and make a point of having many pieces at home made in crochet.
It’s time to give free rein to your imagination, and crocheting is actually a delight, a hobby where you don’t need much to get started.

Try to learn crochet initially as a hobby, only do it in your spare time. I doubt very much that you will have any sense of time, crocheting. What will happen is exactly the opposite, when you look at the clock you will be scared, because the time has passed and you are still there entertaining yourself working on your pieces.

And the cool thing is that with the achievement of each result, it will give you motivation to learn even more, after learning the main stitches you will see how easy it is to do anything. Crochet is like riding a bicycle, initially you need the wheels, because it balances you. So is this art, a constant balance of persistence and therapy until you reach perfection.

Follow all the taught points, in case of doubt you can write us, the method that will be taught through the tutorial of the creator of the piece is very easy and simple, and in case of doubt you can certainly contact her. Everything in life you need to take the first step, so if you want to learn crochet, come with us today to learn this official step by step of this amazing piece that we offer.

It is worth mentioning that crochet is the art of imagining and transforming threads into amazing pieces that anyone who passes by will fall in love with, this is the art that you will learn today. 

I want to make it clear that these pieces are not my creation, all credits go to the official website of the piece ➥ See the Pattern


Tutorial how to make crochet flowers


Did you know that it is possible to make flowers to decorate your environment as beautiful as the traditional crochet method? In fact, crochet is a method to delight anyone, it extends not only in the flowers that we will mention in this post, but to rugs, bedspreads, pillowcases, towels, blankets and the most varied types of handmade pieces.

There are many ways to use crochet that we have today, the flowers that will be taught in the tutorial is one of the most delicate methods that I’ve done, well I’m suspicious to say right? I love crochet and I do it with gusto and today practically all my house has a piece made in this method.

For my person today crochet is more than a method that relieves my stress, on the contrary he calms me down, put me in my peace point and give me more balanced to deal with my emotions. I must tell you that I met crochet through a lady near my neighborhood, I saw her doing a traditional method that at the time I would never have imagined I could recreate any piece myself.

I kept thinking, how am I going to take this thread and turn it into this blanket? Wow, that must be a lot of work! I never thought I would become a crocheter if I could do it.

You know what motivated me was to look at each finished piece that I managed to reproduce, I did it one by one and in the end the result surprised me.

See how life is? I thought I couldn’t do it, but I’m telling this story to you, who fell in here by chance and think you won’t be able to do this step by step with us.

Crochet flowers are very easy, simple, versatile with beautiful finish that you can decorate your home environments, but also it will give you the opportunity for a therapy for the mind and a source of income.

You can use the method taught here and join other craft items such as personalized pens, pencils, and other items using the flowers. The versatility of the stitches allows you to play around with creating your own artwork. Let your imagination flow, if you are just starting out, just embark with us in this amazing world that is crochet.

Now it’s up to you to put your hands to work and let your creativity improve, you’ll see that even if you’re a beginner in this field there’s no difficulty, just unleash your creativity and put your hands to work and you’ll be able to transform this difficulty into a new hobby that will make you more passionate every day.

Ah, crochet is an art that can be practiced by both men and women without distinction, just want to learn and practice.
On our site here we will provide you with enriching content about the best methods to perform each piece, of course always praising the creator of the same, since they are tutorials that we reproduce from other experts on the subject.

We bring you the best tips, the best videos, the best tutorials, and the cool thing is that everything you see here can become a business. Have crochet as a profitable venture and well entrepreneurial, because today hardly anyone passes by a piece of crochet and not get passionate (a) or notice the richness of detail.

The material is cheap and even with little money you can start today, so now let’s leave the subject and get to work.

Amazing Shell Stitch Blankets – Free Crochet Pattern


When you are walking around your town, have you seen some very delicate blankets made with crochet stitches in the center of town? It is very likely that at some point you have come across such richness in detail that it is impossible not to appreciate it. Besides being very warm, crocheted blankets can be used to decorate the environment.

Whether to put exposed on top of the sofa as a decorative cover and use in many ways because it is very rich in versatility, unique finishing piece, made with a wealth of details is to leave anyone in love.

Another important thing to mention is that crochet blankets can be sold at a very fair price for the work vs material, the nice thing is to have at least 4 pieces to start with and then you can double your manufacturing by order.

In this case, you will only make what is requested and then you can dedicate the production of other pieces to your studio.
The material will depend a lot on the thread and needle you will use, after you buy your crocheting kit, the only thing you will need to worry about having always are the threads and the items used for finishing. Nowadays anyone can have a crocheted blanket at home.

The material will depend a lot on the thread and needle you are going to use, once you have bought your crochet kit, the only thing you will need to worry about having always are the threads and the items used for finishing.

Nowadays anyone can have a crocheted blanket at home

It is an excellent option to give as a gift to moms who are waiting for the arrival of their little ones, crochet is present everywhere and is a beautiful art.

I’m a suspect to speak, because in fact I am passionate about the technique and together with you our portal brings another amazing step by step tutorial on how to make this piece rich in details that will leave you in love.

Easy, versatile, simple and very inexpensive crocheted blankets come out a lot and you can take advantage today to start yours and give it to someone you love so much.

From small to large blanket what changes is the quality of thread chosen that for children, especially the newborn is a specific line to sensitive skin and in the case of blankets for adults the stitch is the same what will change is the quality of thread.

Here on our site we daily give you an incredible tip with step by step instructions for beginners, so don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert in crochet to make this piece.

With the step by step instructions available you will be able to make it without any problems. The cool thing is that after the first piece you will not want to know anything else, you will dive into this world and make several and several others.

Crochet is an art that must be done with passion, since each piece that we make transforms line into art, the cool thing is that we can play with colors, just choose the line you prefer and start producing, in a few hours you already start to see the format and fall in love with all those details that are made up.

Today the blanket that we will teach you is very versatile and its size can be readjusted to shape a very soft, delicate and comfortable blanket. It is the most amazing thing made by hand with care, affection, and creativity.

The art of crochet is a really passionate world, you will enjoy in our site other models as beautiful as this one and I’m sure that in a few days you will be ready.

The only thing you need is to put your hand to the work and practice, because it will be the step by step of each piece that will lead you to perfection, all credit of both the tutorial and the images is destined to the official website that you can check today. check out the following tutorial by Ravelry

Figura 3 - © SugarPurlYarns/ Crochet

Starburst Granny Square


Today we brought you a model of Sunburst Granny Square all worked in crochet that will leave you in love with the wealth of details that make up this piece. It is to be passionate and to be attached, the piece that we will teach in this tutorial today is made with reinforced crochet threads.

Through this tutorial you will learn how to make this beautiful crochet piece in a very simple, detailed way and with a well explained step by step, there is no mystery. Surely you are not passionate, today you will have more than reasons to be passionate about the art of knitting.

The cool thing about crochet is that you transform thread and needle into art, that’s what you’ll learn in this incredible tutorial. Very classic, this piece is a very creative, exuberant and beautiful model to sell, that is, to sell. Take an extra income or give a gift to the person you love.

The step by step taught in this post is done in a very simple, easy and with all the beauty and delicacy that the piece deserves.
Crochet is in fact a handicraft in yarn, it’s cool that by learning this point you can let your imagination flow wherever you want, the pieces made in crochet leave anyone in love.

Then you can prepare what order for this model will not be missing. Another very important thing is to be persistent, especially if you are a beginner crochet, it is not easy to learn how to crochet overnight. Crochet is perfection, it’s practical! The more pieces you make, the greater your chances of being able to make several models with more and more details.

Another very important thing to say, we live in a difficult year, different from the others is that you should look for ways to be reinventing yourself, crochet gives this opportunity to those looking for extra income or even to make this art a main income.
This is because the material is cheap and you can dedicate your free time in the production of pieces rich in details and more and more beautiful and delicate, this is the crochet.

The art of making with your hands something that you will be passionate about just looking, to start just take thread and needle as the reference that we will put here in the tutorial is to get your hands dirty.

Another cool thing about the art of crochet is the therapy that this provides to our brain, those simple movements made with the hand, our concentration on the time to produce the models is more and more refined. This helps a lot, as incredible as crochet can get you out of a depression, frustration, feeling of anxiety and other sensations that has been taking over your life.
Did you realize how many benefits a single art can provide you?

Extra income is the main one, distraction for the mind, movement and strengthening of the brain and its motor coordination, feeling of accomplishment. If you are a beginner do not give up, do it step by step, stay on top of the tips that we will always make available here and be aware that the practice that will make you perfect.

Here on our website you will check daily with us incredible tips, how to make each piece, step by step, tutorial and information that can help you make beautiful models and have fun with crochet art. Another very cool thing is that you share your experience with us, did you do this piece? Tell us what you think? How’s the sales going? Tutorials and tips you need, we are here to add the best content.

Let’s check out this amazing tutorial on how to make Starburst Granny Square.

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