Tripe Crochet Vest Tutorial


Another wonderful tutorial of a crochet vest made by Sarah Wright, I have so much to thank her for this piece that is beautiful, versatile, very elegant, sophisticated and can go with any outfit pattern. This crocheted vest can be sold at a fair price, I made one for myself and almost all my family ordered it, look how beautiful.

Simply because I was wearing this piece, I loved it, I made one in black following the step by step is I found the degree of difficulty very easy, it was not difficult to make and today I sell the same in my studio. You know what is cool about this particular piece is its versatility, I made one in black. I’ve gone to work, to barbecues, to discussions with friends, to the beach, and every detail where I stopped with it drew a lot of attention.

People have even asked me, wow, how beautiful, where did you buy it from, I simply laughed and said to reproduce a piece from an amazing designer that I follow, a reference in crochet. I reproduced it in 3 colors and divulged it here in my region – in detail, I sold it all in the same day and received orders to make others. I thought this was great, because the piece is very economical, I spent almost no thread to recreate and it is beautiful.

Figure 1 – Image credit Sarah Wright

The richness of the finish is truly amazing and left my clients in love. Even if you are just starting out, take a needle and thread and read the entire tutorial lovingly done by Sarah Wright you will see how easy it is. From the same stitch I have recreated other pieces that I am selling here in my city, thanks to the teaching of this wonderful designer.

The cool thing is that I am learning a lot with every tip I give you here. This exchange of experience is something that has enriched me a lot, so all the knowledge that I think is valid I share, I’m sure that just like me, you will come to think of giving up crochet when you find the first difficulty.

Don’t do that, persevere! The first step is really hard, we don’t have the ability from one day to another, it was exactly the passion I have for the technique and good mentors in the industry that made me want to continue learning and putting into practice all the knowledge. After I made the first one it was very easy and I made several others.

Figure 1 – Image credit Sarah Wright

Another thing that I recommend is to browse through our website and look at other amazing tutorials that we have brought for you, as well as step by step and tips that can add a lot of knowledge in your area in the industry. Crochet is practice, so the more you practice the more you will learn, because each piece has a different stitch, but the foundation is the same and there you should unleash your imagination and create several stitches on top of what you are learning.

Who knows, maybe soon you will not be launching your own creation, check the step before performing, see if you have all the materials requested, needle size should be standard tutorial, the line also so you have the same result.

Another tip I give you is try to follow people who enrich your knowledge, like Sarah Wright, she is an amazing designer who will provide you with knowledge in detail, because all the tutorials she teaches are perfect. No doubt she is one of my mentors when it comes to crochet, follow the step by step on Sarah Wright’s official website right now ➥ Access the Pattern

Figure 1 – Image credit Sarah Wright


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