Diamond Tunic Crochet Tutorial


Today we bring you another wonderful crochet pattern by designer Sarah Wright, very versatile, simple and beautiful to use in any occasion. This piece oozes beauty, sophistication and delicacy, the stitches are very easy and you can use the same in other ideas, another important thing is to follow all the step by step taught by this wonderful designer creator of the piece.

This is because it will be her guidance that will lead you to perfection in the construction of this model, impossible not to look at this diamond tunic and not fall in love. Another tip that I bring to you is that crochet is one of the most versatile stitches, is the biggest cost is your labor, because in reality to build beautiful pieces you take a certain time.

Of course, after some time practicing the agility becomes a skill, then it is easy you start to build pieces with your eyes closed. All you have to do is choose the needle and thread of your choice according to the creation you want to create, and get to work.

Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet
Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet

See crochet also as a business opportunity, because the cost to start is low and you can start today, all you need is the will, skill with the needles, thread of your choice, and put into practice. If you are a beginner, I advise you to practice as much as possible, the more you practice, the more perfect your creations will be.

The designer Sarah Wright I have as my inspiration, she creates her own models and reproduces them on her site helping other people like me who want to acquire more and more knowledge and learn. Each pattern made by her is rich in detail, beauty and each stitch has its own air of passion, I just have to enter her site and fall in love.

I fell in love with crochet a while ago and today is a source of income, hobby and therapy for my mind, if you don’t know I’ve been through a few good times and thought of giving up, but found in crochet the movement for what I needed, my mind when I’m crocheting is more relaxed, focused and I feel calm.

In fact, it is a therapy that has inspired me to learn much more. This piece is very versatile, after I created the first one, some orders came in and I’ve been selling it well, I advise you as I said in other posts, make two or even three pieces of different colors and expose them for sale, I’m sure it will rain orders. Since it is really passionate, it can be worn with pants, skirts, shorts and thus complement the beauty and sophistication of any look, after all the crochet pieces have their charm.

This model that Sarah Wright created is really amazing, I loved making it and I recommend you to follow her a lot, especially if you are a beginner. Remembering that if you are a beginner, it will not be from day to night that you will make perfect pieces, it will really be the practice that will lead you to perfection, following the step by step you will be able to recreate these amazing models.

Another thing that I wanted to make clear is that crochet is an art of creativity, so it is important that you are willing (a) to learn, the more you make an effort, the easier it will be.

Let your creativity run wild and relax your mind. After all, crochet is an art in threads. Now let’s go to an amazing tutorial from this wonderful designer Sarah Wright on her official website ➥ See the Pattern

 Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet
Image credit Sarah Wright/Crochet
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