Step by Step Crochet Festival Cardigan


Just looking at the crochet cardigan is enough to fall in love, a very versatile, comfortable and elegant single piece that you can diversify well in the ways you can wear it. Whether for a more complete or more casual event, cardigans are very delicate and beautiful for any occasion.

Much more than a decorative piece for a look, it will warm you up on the coldest days, when you need comfort and look stunning while maintaining comfort. It’s a wildcard piece that can be used in different looks, just use the model and color of the cardigan chosen in your favor and put together stunning looks that are increasingly beautiful and sophisticated.

I myself have a cardigan in my wardrobe as a key piece for the coldest or coldest days, in fact we dress much better when it’s cold, so it’s a piece that can’t be missing in your wardrobe. Another really cool thing is that it’s a cheap piece to produce, you’ll only need thread and a needle in the color you want to recreate your models and I guarantee it’s a sales success.

Crédito de imagem padrão oficial / Crochet

Make about 3 models of what we are going to teach here and diversify the colors by making only the most used ones, you will notice that you will have a very fast flow. That’s because this piece, depending on the accessories you use, can play with other models and vary a lot when using it.

Excellent piece to invest your time and put up for sale in your studio, I found the stitches very easy and silent to make, it took me a week to apply the model since I am not a super experienced professional in the market.

I’m learning along with you, so if you’re a beginner, stay calm, because I am too and I can do it easily, follow the tutorial on the official piece, which is easier.

An important tip I give you is to follow and have materials with enriching content, it is important that you understand that nobody walks around knowing how to crochet, in fact you learn to do it. So practice, the longer you spend doing multiple pieces, the more you’ll get done.

For those who are starting, I leave an important tip to take a tutorial and do it from beginning to end, not jumping from one piece to another. That’s bad, because you can’t fulfill your goal of starting to focus on finishing the model proposed in the tutorial, you’ll realize that this will motivate you to keep doing it, in an hour you’ll go from amateur to professional crochet.

What will determine this time and your practice in the area, when you least expect it you will be making your own pieces, because after learning the basic points it is important to let your imagination run free.

Crochet is a market with very promising growth, if you want to be successful it is important to explore all the content that we bring you on a daily basis and here, because it is this content that you will absorb with us that deals more and more with practice and sophistication in the things you’ve done.

I want to make it clear that these pieces are not my creation, all credits go to the official website of the piece. By Yarnspirations

See the Pattern FreeCrochet Festival Cardigan

Looking at this cardigan I was wondering how the lines made this piece so incredible and delicate, so let’s put our hands to work and follow all the enriching teachings in this tutorial?


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