Tutorial rug in leaf crochet and ladybug toy


I don’t think I ever told you, plus the crochet rugs was also one of the first pieces I risked doing at the beginning, I saw them being marketed in the big cities. I think to this day carpets are the most sought after pieces in crochet.

My first model made in crochet I took almost 2 months to finish, this because I was lay man in the subject did not have so much skill with needle, but I only went to make other pieces when completing the carpet.

Of course, I had time to give up, because I at first instead of starting with a small piece, i soon took a full set of bathroom to do. My agony was wanting to finish the piece that never ended, in reality the lack of experience was what bored me, more in the end everything worked out, with a little more than 2 months I finished all my game.

Personalized crochet rug.

It’s been making pieces that I saw that the tutorials were easier and faster, it was exactly the will ingness to learn and practice that made me passionate.

Today I produce a whole piece of bathroom in less than 1 month is look that who works with it knows how much work, especially be the game is customized.

I love doing crochet, I love learning, I have this art as therapy for my soul and I always have shared my experience with you because this for me is a great exchange of experience and knowledge in this market.

In fact, crochet today has changed my life, I consider myself a professional growing artisan yet, I have learned something new every day and it invigorates my soul.

It is not atoa that I bring the tutorials I think on the internet and i share with you, I’ve been in the same place as you. Unemployed, not knowing what to do I saw crochet as an opportunity for me to overcome that difficulty.

Single mother, with a son to create the rush of day to day I grew a lot as a person, of course I still have my difficulties in the business, but I have improved and grown a lot.

I recommend you train as much as you can. There are no other ways to learn crochet without being training, I remember how to be today my first pieces, with super amateur finish, more just completing each model I was motivated to pursue.

It is and so until today, every tutorial I start with you I go crazy to finish and check out the result, all the tutorials I bring on the site I also put my hand in the dough is do with you.

See crochet as a fantastic growth market is promising, this is because the business has grown a lot and this may be your opportunity to get an extra income.

I was sent away from a job that I was charged all the time and didn’t even earn the salary I deserved, life played tricks on me and I didn’t get it, I decided to get my hands dirty and go in search of my dream.

At the time I put it in my head that I had only 5 months to learn what I had to learn and make crochet my main livelihood.

Today I live exclusively from this, I work indoors and I follow all my son’s growth, I do not exchange it for anything, especially in times of crisis where we were forced to live indoors locked by social isolation.

So if you want to take the first step in your life of artisan, continue with us and follow the tutorial of this amazing custom carpet on the official website where all the credits of the tutorial and step by step is the same.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: By Yarnspirations

Personalized crochet rug.


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